Conditions for sale


Clicking on "Shop on line" the Customer enters in the e-commerce section: here, the Customer can evaluate the products and make the order of products available (in stock). After adding the products to the cart clicking on "Add to cart", clicking on "Show cart" the Customer can see all the products inserted. Before choosing the shipment and payment methods the Customer must login or complete the registration form clicking on "Add/Edit billing address information".
All the communications will be sent to the e-mail address inserted, including copies of the orders. Therefore, it should be a real email address and not a fancy one.
If the Customer chooses PayPal as payment method, after authentication the Customer will be directed to the PayPal site, in which case a copy of the order will be sent to the e-mail from PayPal itself.

Orders will be delivered carriage paid, charged on an invoice, by courier of Italian Post.
In case of delivery with Ordinary Package, the courier will deliver the material in about 3 working days, every day except Saturdays and holidays.
In case of shipping with Priority Mail or Registered Mail, the time required to delivery the material varies from 2 to 6 working days. It's essential that at the delivery address is always someone available for pickup.
Although the delivery is in the Free Port, the goods travel at the sole risk of the Customer and DGTechno is therefore not responsible for the late delivery of the goods, damage or loss of the package.
In the case of damage to the packaging that makes sure the material unusable, the Customer must immediately file a damage to the carrier of the package, and must communicate the complaint to DGTechno by e-mail. If possible the Customer should attach one or more photographs of the damaged package.

In case it is agreed the return of the material, the shipment will be made solely by means agreed with DGTechno. The amount of shipping, if charged to the Customer, will be refunded with methods to be agreed. The refund will not be issued in the case of other types of consignment.

In the case of private customer the warranty is 24 months, while in the case of company is 12 months.
See "Returns" to return the material.
In the case of intent or fault as a result of improper use by the Customer, defective goods
will not be replaced under warranty, but most can be repaired with repair charged to the Customer. All the costs will be charged to the Customer.
If the object is repaired in warranty, the Customer will be reimbursed for shipping costs incurred returning the goods, which will be replaced.

Prices are inclusive of italian VAT.
All material provided by DGTechno will be regularly invoiced to the Customer, even in case of private. It is recommended to enter the VAT number (for companies), at the time of registration

Payment must be made in advance by credit card via PayPal or by bank.
At the time of payment with PayPal, the Customer will be redirected to the lender of the service. DGTechno can't get any information about the credit card of the Customer.

Extremes for money transfers by bank:
BENEFICIARY: DGTechno di Donà Giampietro
BANK: Cassa di Risparmio del Veneto
IBAN: IT57 S 06225 63120 100000004209

For a quick delivery of goods, right after the payment, it is recommended to email the transfer receipt. Please, see the section Contacts on the website for our e-mail addresses.

Right of withdrawal or cancellation of the contract

The site has pictures and instructions for many products. Therefore, the Customer knows what he chooses and is not provided for the right of withdrawal.
Once you have received a copy of the order, the order is not cancelable.

The business and personal data of the Customer will be treated in compliance with current regulations of Privacy.
For completeness, if the customer is not aware of his rights under the Privacy Act, we advise you to read the text to the section
Privacy Policy.

For any dispute, the competent court is located in Padua, Italy.




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